Expand Heaven Here

All through His ministry, Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of Heaven. Again and again, he said, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” In 2011, it’s our privilege to participate with Jesus in announcing this message around the world. Over the last several months we’ve developed some amazing materials to help you Expand Heaven Here. 

Mission Adventures Gear for 2011 

The Mission Adventures Design Gnomes™ have completely outdone themselves this year. They’ve cooked up some incredible gear for your teams. If you’ve been following the posts on the MA Insider, you’ve already seen some of this—but as always, I’ve kept a few surprises for you! And not only is the gear awesome—we’ve managed to keep costs low too. Your kids are gonna love this stuff!


New for 2011: Order Online! | Or Download an Order Form (45KB .xls)

 Summer Order Deadline: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You’ll Get Your Gear by Friday, June 3

Expand Heaven Here Tee + Journal Pack $20-$22 USD
All this for only $20?! We’re stoked to offer you this incredible pack for just $20 bucks. A lot of extra time and effort went into making sure we could get great prices and keep quality high. Not only that, the Gnomes worked their magic and found a way to make this pack extra special. Each pack includes: A Girl’s Heaven On Earth Tee or A Guy’s Expand Heaven Here Tee, and a 144-Page Expand Heaven Here Journal, a Sticker-mark, and even a customized pencil. But wait, there’s more! All this comes pre-packaged* in a spiffy 8 in. by 10 in. fabric sack!

*The Gnomes want extra $$ to package the Gear—we’re negotiating with the Chief Gnome to see if we can make this work.

Tee Shirt + The Works!™ $42-$44 USD
Would you just look at all this MA Gear?!Oh yeah, you knew that we’d have more—much more. In addition to all the goodies in the Tee + Journal Pack, The Works!™ has:

  • A full-size customized backpack*
  • Name tag and lanyard
  • Commitment Booklet with Commitment Card
  • A Sharpie!*
  • Crown Merit Badge with Velcro backing*
  • Expand Heaven Button*
  • Expand Heaven Sticker

We know your teams are gonna love this stuff!

*Please note, these are pre-production images. Slight changes may occur.

* * * * *

Make Your Own Kits!

We’ve got 500 MB of Downloadable Goodness™ just waiting for you. For just $375 USD you get a license to make any and all of these spiffy resources for your Mission Adventures ministry. Included is every file you’ll ever need to create the Expand Heaven Here Mission Adventures Gear.

All this, and organized too!


Just click the above “Buy Now” Google Checkout link to pay for your license, and you’ll auto-magically receive the link to download all this great stuff!


* * * * *

Free Resources
From Journal content to name tags you can print yourself, we’ve got your great resources right here. Watch this space—more resources coming soon. 

 Journal 01 (14MB PDF) | Journal 02 (11MB PDF) | Theme Statement (211KB PDF)

Print Your Own Name Tags (6MB PDF) | Print Your Own Commitment Page (700KB PDF)

Look at All These Awesome Logos!Expand Heaven Logo Pack (13 MB .zip)
This compressed package has all the pieces you see in the screen shot above. From MA Logos to all that Expand Heaven Goodness, we’ve got you covered with the digital goods to make your ministry shine! You can use these files to create awesome sets and banners. You can use them to build beautiful Keynote (or PowerPoint) presentations. You can even create some stunning desktop backgrounds for your computer, your iPhone, your iPad or whatever. (What you can’t do though is create something for sale with these—at least without asking us!) As a bonus, we’re including the thick and delicious ChunkFive font that you’ll see in some of the logos. This is a spiffy open-source font that is absolutely free!

Please Note: We’re still retaining Copyright on all the art and other materials we’ve linked to on this page, so please read this Really Important License Agreement. And don’t sell or distribute these resources—thanks!. Questions? Just contact me here. ~Craig