The Basics

You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind. And, love your neighbor as yourself. —Luke 10:27 (NLT)

These two simple sentences are the most imporant statements God has ever told us to do. In just a few phrases, God has summarized the whole Bible.

Love God; Love Others
First, it’s the Greatest Commandment—to love God with nothing less than everything we are. Second, it’s from this true, wholehearted love for God that we can live out a life of loving others as ourselves. This is the foundation of our faith. Really, if we can do these two simple, profound things, we’ll live a life that pleases God completely.

Download The Basics Theme Statemend PDF here.(179 KB PDF)


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Free Resources!
We’ve got some amazing free resources for this year’s theme, The Basics. From Print-Your-Own Name Tags, to a Print-Your-Own Commitment Sheet, to a whole mess o’ logos, we’ve got you covered!


Print-Your-Own Name Tags (600KB PDF) | Print-Your-Own Commitment Sheet (400KB PDF)


Mmmmm… Yummy Logos!

The Basics Logo Pack | 2.5MB .Zip Archive
This compressed package has all the pieces you see in the screenshot above. You’ll find a spiffy Mission Adventures Logos, a couple different The Basics logos, the Theme Statement and the Color Scheme, plus a few more goodies too. Each logo comes in both the über-expandable EPS format and the handy dandy JPEG format. You can use these files to create awesome sets and banners. You can build beautiful Keynote or PowerPoint presentations. You can even create some stunning backgrounds for your computre, your iPhone or your iPad or whatever. (What you can’t do though, is create something for sale with these files—at least without asking us!)

Please Note: We’re retaining Copyright on all the art and other materials in this package. So please read this Really Important License Agreement. And don’t sell or distribute these resources—thanks! Questions? Just contact me here. —Craig


The Basics Journal


Here’s a PDF version of this year’s Journal that you can use to get a sneak peek of what your teams will get when they participate in your ministry. This low-resolution PDF is suitable for viewing on screen, but will look like poo when printed out.

The Basics Journal (3.4MB PDF)












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The Basics Mission Adventures Gear is Here!

Summer 2012 Order Deadline:

Friday April 20, 2012

You’ll receive your gear the first week of June

Click through to the Mission Adventures Gear page to Order Online. Or download this handy Order Form (48 KB .xls file).