Top Secret Mission Adventures Prototype Discovered in Nepal!

This just in: A top secret prototype of what appears to be a Mission Adventures bag has been found in Kathmandu. Our sources believe this may become a brand new product for 2020. Several* Bothans died to bring us the following series of photos:

This prototype appears to be a “sling bag” and would be worn either around the waist or over the shoulder. Note the high quality fabric. Approximately 12 in. wide, by 6 in. tall, by 3 in. deep.

This prototype appears to be a “sling bag” and would be worn either around the waist or over the shoulder. Note the high quality fabric. Approximately 12 in. wide, by 6 in. tall, by 3 in. deep.

Interior of “sling bag”. Note the bright lining to make it easy to see inside. Note also an MA Journal and an MA pen both fit nicely inside with plenty of extra space

Interior of “sling bag”. Note the bright lining to make it easy to see inside. Note also an MA Journal and an MA pen both fit nicely inside with plenty of extra space

Note the high quality buckle for easy on, easy off. The strap is also high quality webbing, similar to what you’d find on a seatbelt. And it adjusts from very very small, to plenty big.

Note the high quality buckle for easy on, easy off. The strap is also high quality webbing, similar to what you’d find on a seatbelt. And it adjusts from very very small, to plenty big.

This is a very high quality zipper. It won’t catch or break even under stress. Note too the zipper is covered by a fabric flap to improve water resistance.

This is a very high quality zipper. It won’t catch or break even under stress. Note too the zipper is covered by a fabric flap to improve water resistance.

This looks like a very good spot for an attractive logo, doesn’t it?

This looks like a very good spot for an attractive logo, doesn’t it?

We almost missed this secret pocket. It’s perfect for a passport and it’s on the back side of the bag, close to the body.

We almost missed this secret pocket. It’s perfect for a passport and it’s on the back side of the bag, close to the body.

We’ll keep you posted as this story develops!

*By several, we mean zero. Turns out no Bothans died to get us this information. That was for the top secret Death Star plans. Sorry for the confusion. —Ed.

Get Marty Meyer's "Mission Accomplished" for Your Students

Mission Accomplished by Marty Meyer is Epic!

Mission Accomplished by Marty Meyer is Epic!

If you haven’t heard, our own Marty Meyer, (OG MA Crew from waaaay back), is offering us his book, Mission Accomplished for way below cost:

48 Copies of Mission Accomplished for just $48 + Shipping

Offer Expires June 30

This is the perfect resource because Marty wrote the book to help students figure out how to align their lives with the Great Commission. Click the button below and use coupon code: MAonly1

Check out the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Discover Your Destiny in the Mission of Jesus

1. Passion for Life

2. Guidance for the Journey

3. Motives of the Heart

4. Top Priority

5. Mission Accomplished!

Part 2: Unlock the Purpose of Your Design

6. Discovering Your Fit in the Great Commission

7. Pray: Unleash Mountain-Moving Power

8. Tell: God’s Live Savers

9. Go: Searching for Jesus’ Lost Sheep

10. Send: Supporting God’s Greatest Work

11. Stay: Our Call to Incarnational Mission

12. Multiply: Church-Planting & Disciple-Making Movements

Part 3: Empowered for His Purpose

13. Authorized to Go

14. Empowered to Preach

15. Empowered to Heal

16. Empowered to Defeat the Enemy

17. Holy Spirit Directed

18. No Matter the Cost

Check out the Introduction:

Marty has made the intro available here so you can find out more of what Mission Accomplished is about.


But Wait, There’s More!

Here’s Marty telling a story from the book on his video blog

Waves New Zealand!

We even got the amazing Jan’s shadow in our group shot at the Shire!

We even got the amazing Jan’s shadow in our group shot at the Shire!

The Waves Gathering in New Zealand Was Epic!

YWAM Matamata hosted this year’s International Waves Gathering, and it was a wonderful event. First off, New Zealand, gah— it did not dissapoint! And for those of us that received the grace to come up the mountain, God met us and fed us, and it was oh so good. Highlights included:

  • Matthew Dawson asking us, “If Jesus was sitting in this room right here right now, what would you ask of him?”

  • Craig’s XL sized session about the generation we’re trying to serve and how we can make our Mission Adventures E.P.I.C.

  • The traditional Maori greeting ceremony including hongi, the sharing of breath

  • Strawberry S’mores

  • Fijoa fruit!

  • The “short” hike to Wairere falls, gulp!

  • THE SHIRE! And getting invited to Frodo’s Feast! And Jan!!!

  • Aiden and Sara got ENGAGED!

  • Epic worship, especially the haka!!!

  • The warm springs next door.

Here are two recordings of two of the main sessions:

All in all, this Waves was awesome and we are grateful to God for meeting us in Matamata! Stay tuned for more information about the next International Waves Gathering!

Exclusive! Are these the 2019 MA Tees?

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 3.27.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 3.28.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 3.28.23 PM.png

Moments ago, an anonymous tipster sent these three screen shots. This tipster (or tipsters) alleges (or allege) that he/she/they had access to the top secret Mission Adventures workshop where the MA Gnomes™ are hard at work on the 2019 MA Gear. While we can’t say for certain, these images do seem authentic! Could a pigment-dyed ombre garment be in our near future?! Stay tuned for more information coming your way soon!

Not One, Not Two, but THREE Themes for 2019!

You guys! I’m super excite to share with you that we have three different themes for Mission Adventures in 2019! Okay, you may not have noticed, but we’ve been having two themes for a while now. Our partners in Europe and our partners in North America have been developing separate themes for the last several years. And this year, I’m excited to tell you that we’ve got a third region making their own theme! So say a big hello and welcome to our partners in Brasil! Check these out:


Isaias 55 1 a 6

Our Brasilian brothers and sisters have called their first theme, Paradoxo, (paradox, in English), and they are excited to illustrate how God brings hope through crazy ideas that don’t seem to make sense at first. Check out the Paradoxo page for more info including a super awesome theme statement!


Ephesians 2:8-10

Our European friends are playing off the craftsmanship concept in Ephesians 2 and using the amazing Japanese artform of Kintsukuroi to help students visualize how God is repairing their lives and the world around them. Check out the Kintsukuroi page for more!

I Am

Isaiah 43:10

Our North American partners are using God’s identity as the big idea that is changing the world. Who we are can only be truly understood through who He Is, and it’s this journey of discovery that makes all the difference. Check out the I Am page for more, including a theme statement.

I just love that God is so creative and inventive that he’s given us three themes for 2019. I love that we get to use these themes to help students experience who he is, what he’s like, and what he is doing in the world. As more resources are developed, we’ll make them available on the theme pages… so stay tuned for even more theme-y goodness!

Mission Adventures in Mozambique!

Wahoo! African students are participating in Mission Adventures!


We just got a message from our partners Paulo and Rossana about their outreach in Mozambique. Paulo and Rossana are YWAMers from Brasil, and they sent photos and a testimony from YWAM Maputo:

"With joy-fullness we write to share something very special with you and Mission Adventures!

My wife Rossana and I have worked with Mission Adventures since 2014 in Porto Velho. But lately we share our time with DTS, which I am co-director with her. We were in the last waves in Thailand, maybe you remember us.

Today we are in Maputo, Mozambique, and at the YWAM base here there is a beautiful project with youth of low social class. And we just felt right to run a Mission Adventures outreach here, we felt peace. Leaders from YWAM Maputo and Porto Velho encouraged us and supported us in everything. And that’s how the first Mission Adventures campaign happened in Africa, here in Maputo! It was simply beautiful, we saw God at work, he prepared every detail.

The most amazing thing was to have Francisco, the leader of YWAM Mozambique as our preacher about passion on the first day. He showed us that no matter our origin, God is determines our futures, as we let Him. Francisco belongs to the most underestimated tribe in Mozambique, but today he’s a reference for Mozambican.

It was a week rich and significant for each young man, and as for YWAM Maputo it’s a start, and we believe it is the beginning of Mission Adventures in Africa.

All the participants are hopeful about this week! We intend to go for another Mission Adventures campaign this year! We together with YWAM Maputo are determined to germinate this seed! We are preparing to be at the next WAVES. A seed is already planted!"*


*Testimony is lightly edited for length and clarity

Another Story Telling Resource: You!

YWAM Maringá, Brasil is offering a 12 week Word By Heart course that might be just what you're looking for when it comes to learning how to train your Mission Adventures students to tell gospel stories. Our friend and partner Euduardo (Du for short) writes:

Imagine yourself being able to memorize the scriptures and narrate them as if you had been an eye witness of the fantastic events that changed the history of humanity? It may seem to be a big challenge, but Word By Heart has a methodology that has been enabling its students to become walking Bibles, story tellers that are able to report the biblical events, word by word, with truth and reality involving the audience for about 90 minutes.

During three months the students will go deep into the book of Luke, the reality of facts, the historical background the relationship between characters and the teachings involved in each scene, the focus is not on theological study, we seek to appropriate the stories to be so real that it is possible tell them as eye witnesses. It's a fact that emerging into the scriptures results in a profound transformation in people's lives, and the Word By Heart students also taste such impact. Impacted by this living word they will have the opportunity to reach many people while proclaiming it.

Word by heart is a second level YWAM school, inscribed to the University of Nations, so it has as a basic requirement the DTS, (Discipleship Training School). It is a full inscription school. In case you want to attend the course but you still haven't done the DTS you can take part in seminars during the first 6 weeks. Classes in the mornings and afternoons not having the obligation of living in the YWAM base although there is this possibility.
Investment (full course)

Subscription $ 150 + 3 x $450 ($1.500 total in cash)

For more info, contact Du!

YWAM Vancouver Documents and Manuals

So check this out! Brittni at YWAM Vancouver has taken on the huge task of documenting the systems and processes that they're using for their wonderful Mission Adventures ministry in the city. And in the spirit of working together, she's sharing the fruit of her hard work! Here are some links to some key documents that you're gonnu wanna learn from! And the best part is, she actually wants you to copy her work and use what's useful to you in your ministry. So have at it! and send a big thank you to Brittni in Vancouver!

Use an Urban Scavenger Hunt to Help Your Teams Fall in Love with Your Ministry

I came across this article by Alec Appelbaum about his family's tradition of an annual Christmas Eve scavenger hunt.

Photo by   N.   on   Unsplash

Photo by N. on Unsplash

The hunts began four years ago, on Christmas Eve, when our kids were seven and three… we could task the kids with a scavenger hunt for things we sometimes forget to notice. I wrote a list of such things—a cat in a store window, a takeout coffee cup—and then realized that they would remember the whole episode more proudly if they also had to talk to people who keep the city running. So I added autographs they had to get, via questions that pose no tricks or teases. The scavenger hunt is a mission to look more deeply and talk more openly.

This got me to thinking that this is a fantastic idea for you to use with your teams. You can send your students out to talk to the people in your outreach location. Give them a list of things to find that will help them to experience the place and the people.

Appelbaum includes these tips:

Here are some suggestions for starting your own:

  • Use a list that mixes conversation with observation and orientation. I like to include a few gimmes—things like a bank branch or a vacant lot—along with storefronts or parks with unusual spellings or striking scenery. Mix these with autographs from people you’ll likely actually meet (public servants, baristas, dog walkers, whatever) and the hunt picks up its rhythm.
  • Go where people aren’t driving. Walk around. Cross zones or borders. Go over a bridge, through a tunnel, from one side of an eight-lane to another.
  • Talk to people. And listen to them as well. If they ask why you want to know something, explain. Say please and thank you. Don’t treat them as props or ask them to fuss over you. Ban consulting screens, but accept help from people who themselves talk to Siri.
  • Gather facts from diverse people. Opinions and styles will come out anyway. You might find racism. I hope you wouldn’t, but you might. And you might find a way to zap it when you do.
  • It’s all a matter of looking in layers—the horse could be on a Budweiser truck or the awning of a bar, or a cop could be riding it. Keep looking for answers, and for input. You may end up helping someone feel appreciated, or at least helping someone engage with the day.

If you're already doing something similar in your location, please comment below and tell us about how you do.

The Future of Evangelism in Mission Adventures

Remember dramas? Yeah, good times…

Remember dramas? Yeah, good times…

We've done dramas. We've done dances and puppets. We've used Evangecubes and, The Four Spiritual Laws tracts. We've even done gospel illusions.And frankly I think all these things have gotten a bit stale. We are overdue at taking our next steps in evangelism. It's time we develop something fresh.

I'm convinced it's time we learn to teach our students how to tell Bible stories.

Here's why:

Telling Stories is Better for Those Who Listen

  • Stories put our brains to work
  • Stories connect us with experience
  • Two-thirds of the world's population live in oral cultures
  • Three-quarters of the Bible is in narrative story form
  • Everyone responds to a good story

Telling Stories is Better for Those Who Tell Them

  • Telling stories is versatile; we can do it in any context
  • Telling stories is effective, even across language and culture barriers
  • Telling stories creates useful skills in our students
  • Telling stories can be done back home after outreach is over.

Want to know more? Here's a white paper filled with ideas and resources that can help you get started!

4.7 MB PDF File

Epic Faith for Your Students!

Marty Meyer of YWAM Idaho is offering his book, Epic Faith to us at a tremendous discount. Marty writes,

During my “Ted Talk” with Kelly I mentioned that I would like to make my Epic Faith books available to MA programs for only $5. That’s like the cheapest I’m giving anyone. I would just love to invest in our MA programs and there are MA stories and references in the book. They could use the book as part of staff training or use it with their students. I’m about 2 weeks away from having a 60 page discussion guide on my site that will be available as a FREE download. That could be another great MA resource.

Use this exclusive coupon code to order copies of Epic Faith for your students: MAONLY5

Two Travel Resources that Can Save You Money!

I'm a YWAMer so that means I travel. And it seems like that means the travel budget is always a bit tight! So I'm constantly on the lookout for travel resources that can help me save some money. Here are two things I've found in the last few months that have helped me out:

Scott Keyes Cheap Flights

Scott Keyes Cheap Flights

Scott's Cheap Flights

This is an email list, (I know, right?! How 90's!). Every couple of days Scott sends me an email with some insane cheap fares to random places around the world.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Scott focuses on international flights from the USA.
  • There's a premium list that gets the info earlier… for $15/quarter or $39/year.
  • You gotta act fast because the fares Scott finds don't last long!

If you're in the US, you can't lose by signing up for the free one and if you find it working for you, upgrade!

The Points Guy

The Points Guy

The Points Guy

This is a site (that also has an email list) that focuses on how to compare and maximize all those frequent flier programs.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • TPG tends to focus more on the premium end of the points world and not so much on the budget end.
  • There's also a lot of good info about different airlines and even their planes
  • Again, pretty US focused, but still lots of info that would be useful if you live outside North America.

Again, you can't go wrong by signing up for the Deal Alert email list and seeing if it's helpful to you.

Sneak Peak of the Retro and the Green Diamond Tees

The fine folks at our Secret Northwest Production Facilities™ just press checked two of our tee shirt designs. And a bold operative got a couple pics and took great risk to get them to us! Aren't they gorgeous?


Soon finished shirts will be winging their way to our partners who are running Spring Break programs. Please join us in prayer for the students who will receive these great tees and for the wonderful people they will meet on their adventures!

Cinch Sacks Are Under Construction in Nepal

The employees at Purnaa are hard at work on our Mission Adventures Drawstring Backpacks

I just got a bunch of photos from our friends at Purnaa! It's so cool to see our backpacks in process—and to know that this partnership makes a difference in the lives of the folks in the photos is exciting. As you know this isn't just about a financial transaction, this is all about transformation!

The Backpacks Are Awesome & On Sale!

These Mission Adventures Cinch Sacks are made of 100% Nepali heavyweight cotton canvas. I love that these are grown and sewn in Nepal, that means the price we pay for these bags benefits more people in Nepal as they rebuild their nation.

To celebrate our partnership with Purnaa, we've got these bags on sale for just $10 USD. I encourage you to purchase one for each of the students that participates in your MA ministry this year. That way, their outreach extends all the way to Nepal. The Spring Break Sale ends Friday, January 13, so head on over to the MA Gear store

Tee Story

Part Four (Scroll down for Parts One through Three)

What if we make a premium tee—three colors of ink on the best garment we can afford?

All this was happening while I was designing the stickers. (That's another long story). And when the wolf sticker came together, I was all <hearts for eyes emoji> but my initial reaction was, awwwwww... too cheesy and literal for the Rockhound theme. (Rock-HOUND, get it?!) But it wouldn't go away. I showed it to a few theme teamers and they were all <hearts for eyes emoji> too. I took that as a sign, and I said to myself, "What if we make a premium tee—three colors on the best garment we can afford?"

Let me tell you about these garments. First off they're the lightest garments we've ever done, 4.2 ounces. Now it's not so light as to be sheer, so we're safe there. (And we've chosen darker colors too, because the design works better on darks, and well, safety). The fabric is even softer than the Retro Tees. It has something to do with the cotton being combed, (which I can sort of wrap my brain around), and "ringspun", (my brain can't really seem to imagine what that might mean). All I really know is that combed, ringspun cotton is really soft.

The fit is a fashion fit, so it's just a little more snug, and definitely on-trend. And it has features—things like side-seaming, set-in neck, and retail sleeves that don't wing. These garments are crafted.

And did I mention that these are heathered? I know, right?! It seems like heathered colors are everywhere! This is that extra bit that really puts these tees over the top. These garments are precisely 52% cotton and 48% polyester. The heather texture visually softens the tones and sets the design off so nicely! And the heather feel is oh so soft and smooth!

And I figured, hey, if there are three colors of ink, why not offer three colors of garments?! Seriously, doesn't that design just fit these garments?

I know these are a little more expensive. But these are the best tees we've ever offered. They make perfect staff shirts, and maybe you could honor the team leaders by giving them one of these instead of the others. Or maybe you want to pick a couple up for the leadership team on your base to get them excited about your ministry. You won't regret giving these tee shirts to your people.

Part Two

What If We Made A Tee that was Super High Quality but less expensive than last year?

Part One

They say that the first step towards wholeness is to admit you have a problem:

My problem is that I like options more than I like decisions! This screenshot shows pretty much my whole process in designing this year’s Rockhound Tees. Over the next few days, I’m going to give you a special sneak peek behind the scenes to show you how we ended up with three different tee shirt designs this year!

My process is pretty iterative. If you zoom in, you’ll see that I tend to tweak and explore multiple versions of nearly the same thing. I go until I either see that the design works or it doesn’t. Then sometimes I go some more, haha!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you how the Green Diamond Tee came about! Stay tuned!

Part Three

The design that became the Retro tee was gonnu be a sticker… But then this happened:

While the Green Diamond tee was coming together, I explored this widened pentagon shape. I arced the top, and it just seemed to evoke national parks. I added some stripes and tried 17* different variations of the word, ROCKHOUND in it... And it seemed to reflect a cool, outdoorsy, 1970's retro vibe. I originally did it in five colors, thinking it would be a sticker. But then I slapped it on a tee shirt mockup. And I liked it. So I showed it to a couple of the Theme Teamers to get their take. The reaction was nearly instant: OoOooOooouu! Which I took to be positive.

I admit, part of the charm of this design was that there were so many colors. (Check out some of the early iterations in the screenshot in Part One below) So I decided to see if it could look as good with just two. And I was beginning to think that maybe I could offer two shirts, the Green Diamond tee, and this Retro tee.

The garment I chose for this tee is a little bit softer and quite a bit lighter than the Green Diamond shirt. (4.5 ounce... yes that .8 ounce really does make a difference!) And the fit is more fashion-oriented, much closer to a tee you'd find at the mall. It's very comparable to tees we've used in the past. And it's a bit more expensive, but I think it's worth it.

You'll note that there's more than one garment with this one. I couldn't decide which color. Then I thought, "Why decide? The same ink colors look amazing on both!" So now you can choose! This way you can give that cool kiwi green to your students and the sand tees to your staff and volunteers! (Or the other way around—whichever feels better for you!) Or maybe you don't like green. (2017 is gonnu be a bummer for you—sorry! It's the Color of the Year.) Good news, go with sand!

*This is an exaggeration, but not by much.

I still wasn't done. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the three-ink, three color Wolf Tee!




From the beginning, I knew we needed a one-color design. And that meant that the art needed to be solid—something with a lot of texture, that captured the Rockhound vibe... Those crossed rock hammers were the first graphic device I made. And the faceted gem just begged for radiant lines to come out of it—you know what I mean? And the repeating arcs of Mission Adventures and Youth With A Mission echo the gem-sun. Plus, the mono-weight lines are so right now and contemporary and fresh.

A tee is more than solid art. I needed a high-quality garment that would show off the design, and at the same time, be a bargain. Pencils were sharpened. Math was done. Spreadsheets were employed. Samples were sent in multiple colors. Most were rejected, but we had one stand out. Not only was it a great color—that eye-catching green that is the Color of the Year for 2017, but it was relatively inexpensive. It's not cheap, mind you. I don't go for that. Value is my jam—highest quality for reasonable price.

And that's why I'm pleased to offer the Green Diamond Tee. This is a high-quality 100% cotton garment. It's a little bit heavier weight than the others. (The really heavy tees are 5.5-6.0 ounces; this one is only 5.3 ounce). The cut of the garment is a classic fit, so it's a little bit roomier. The bright green shirt really sets off the cream colored ink. I know your students are gonnu love this tee! And it's less expensive than last year!

Up Next: The Inside Story on Our Brand New Rockhound Retro Tees!

MA Hong Kong!

A few weeks ago, the YWAMers in Hong Kong launched their brand new Mission Adventures ministry! They hosted two cycles of teams from Singapore.

I just wanted to let you know that the 2 sessions we ran with Mission Adventures was a success! We have people saying the trip changed their hearts for Missions, the poor, and will become missionaries themselves or be an advocated for the people of Hong Kong!

We have seen so much opposition to start this program we know now why, God has challenged these young people to think about their destiny and involvement in the Great Commission and we have touched thousand of people in Hong Kong these last weeks.
— Faby


Photo by Eli Francis via

Photo by Eli Francis via

In Japanese, tsundoku means that stack of books you've been meaning to read. My stack keeps getting bigger and bigger!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Last week at our North American Theme Extravaganza™, we went around the room and shared about our work, our lives, and what God is up to with us. As part of that, we shared about what we've been reading. It was really inspiring to hear what different ones of us have been inspired by, and so I thought I'd share it with you here so you can be inspired too! I'm definitely adding a few of these to my pile!

With by Skye Jethani
Seated With Christ by Heather Holleman
Executing Grace by Shane Claiborne
Book of Judges by Moses, I think…
Revolution in World Missions by KP Yohannan
A Thousand Gifts Ann Voskamp
All the Donald Miller books
Heart & Mind by Alexander Shaia
Epic of Eden by Sandra Richter
The Fourth Wave by Ron BoehmeThe Ideal Team Player by Pat Lencioni
Leadership by John Wooden
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
Harry Potter - The Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling
Forgotten God by Francis Chan
Simply Jesus by NT Wright
The Knowledge of the Holy by AW Tozier
Hebrews by Some think James, others Bartholomew others Peter so who knows?
Epic Faith by Marty Meyer
It's Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke
The Kingdom of God is a Party by Tony Campolo
Five Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell
Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders
The Passion- atranslation of Bible by Dr. Brian Simmons et al