Cinch Sacks Are Under Construction in Nepal

The employees at Purnaa are hard at work on our Mission Adventures Drawstring Backpacks

I just got a bunch of photos from our friends at Purnaa! It's so cool to see our backpacks in process—and to know that this partnership makes a difference in the lives of the folks in the photos is exciting. As you know this isn't just about a financial transaction, this is all about transformation!

The Backpacks Are Awesome & On Sale!

These Mission Adventures Cinch Sacks are made of 100% Nepali heavyweight cotton canvas. I love that these are grown and sewn in Nepal, that means the price we pay for these bags benefits more people in Nepal as they rebuild their nation.

To celebrate our partnership with Purnaa, we've got these bags on sale for just $10 USD. I encourage you to purchase one for each of the students that participates in your MA ministry this year. That way, their outreach extends all the way to Nepal. The Spring Break Sale ends Friday, January 13, so head on over to the MA Gear store