Get Marty Meyer's "Mission Accomplished" for Your Students

Mission Accomplished by Marty Meyer is Epic!

Mission Accomplished by Marty Meyer is Epic!

If you haven’t heard, our own Marty Meyer, (OG MA Crew from waaaay back), is offering us his book, Mission Accomplished for way below cost:

48 Copies of Mission Accomplished for just $48 + Shipping

Offer Expires June 30

This is the perfect resource because Marty wrote the book to help students figure out how to align their lives with the Great Commission. Click the button below and use coupon code: MAonly1

Check out the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Discover Your Destiny in the Mission of Jesus

1. Passion for Life

2. Guidance for the Journey

3. Motives of the Heart

4. Top Priority

5. Mission Accomplished!

Part 2: Unlock the Purpose of Your Design

6. Discovering Your Fit in the Great Commission

7. Pray: Unleash Mountain-Moving Power

8. Tell: God’s Live Savers

9. Go: Searching for Jesus’ Lost Sheep

10. Send: Supporting God’s Greatest Work

11. Stay: Our Call to Incarnational Mission

12. Multiply: Church-Planting & Disciple-Making Movements

Part 3: Empowered for His Purpose

13. Authorized to Go

14. Empowered to Preach

15. Empowered to Heal

16. Empowered to Defeat the Enemy

17. Holy Spirit Directed

18. No Matter the Cost

Check out the Introduction:

Marty has made the intro available here so you can find out more of what Mission Accomplished is about.


But Wait, There’s More!

Here’s Marty telling a story from the book on his video blog