Mission Adventures in Mozambique!

Wahoo! African students are participating in Mission Adventures!


We just got a message from our partners Paulo and Rossana about their outreach in Mozambique. Paulo and Rossana are YWAMers from Brasil, and they sent photos and a testimony from YWAM Maputo:

"With joy-fullness we write to share something very special with you and Mission Adventures!

My wife Rossana and I have worked with Mission Adventures since 2014 in Porto Velho. But lately we share our time with DTS, which I am co-director with her. We were in the last waves in Thailand, maybe you remember us.

Today we are in Maputo, Mozambique, and at the YWAM base here there is a beautiful project with youth of low social class. And we just felt right to run a Mission Adventures outreach here, we felt peace. Leaders from YWAM Maputo and Porto Velho encouraged us and supported us in everything. And that’s how the first Mission Adventures campaign happened in Africa, here in Maputo! It was simply beautiful, we saw God at work, he prepared every detail.

The most amazing thing was to have Francisco, the leader of YWAM Mozambique as our preacher about passion on the first day. He showed us that no matter our origin, God is determines our futures, as we let Him. Francisco belongs to the most underestimated tribe in Mozambique, but today he’s a reference for Mozambican.

It was a week rich and significant for each young man, and as for YWAM Maputo it’s a start, and we believe it is the beginning of Mission Adventures in Africa.

All the participants are hopeful about this week! We intend to go for another Mission Adventures campaign this year! We together with YWAM Maputo are determined to germinate this seed! We are preparing to be at the next WAVES. A seed is already planted!"*


*Testimony is lightly edited for length and clarity